In this episode we discuss:
  • Why is so much marketing literature focussed on B2C

  • What does Jenni Romaniuk have to say about B2B?

  • Does the law of double jeopardy matter for B2B as much as it does for B2C?

  • Benefits of ling term brand building for B2B businesses

  • Priming a buyer for your B2B brand

  • In market buyers vs out of market buyers.

  • How and where should we advertise for B2B?

  • Is LinkedIn a dog?

  • Social media usage statistics and why they matter.

  • The biggest LinkedIn understatement of the year so far. You heard it here, second.

  • Why Facebook may be a better place for your B2B ad than LinkedIn

  • The truth about display advertising

  • Could Microsoft display network be better aligned to B2B advertising than the Google Display Network

  • Are people who are in business still people and should we treat them as such?

  • Do CEO’s watch Lego Wars?

  • 3 ways to use LinkedIn for B2B (2 of which work.)

Resources Mentioned

Michaela Jefferson – Customer acquisition is the only viable growth strategy in B2B, says Ehrenberg-Bass’s Romaniuk –

 Peter Weinberg & Jon Lombardo – Why B2B marketers need to bet big on ‘The Big Long’ –

The B2b Institute


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