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Is the 95:5 rule the new 60:40 for B2B?

In this episode we discuss: What is the 95:5 rule for B2B brands? Why it should really be the 5:95 rule Is B2B marketing really any different to B2C?...

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How to build a B2B brand and the problem with LinkedIn Ads

In this episode we discuss: Why is so much marketing literature focussed on B2C What does Jenni Romaniuk have to say about B2B? Does the law of double jeopardy...

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What is the leading brand of politics in Australia?

In this episode we discuss: Why you don’t mess with social media influencers on social media. If not sales, what should marketing be ultimately measured by? What is the...

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The 5 Best Digital Channels (that are not Facebook or Google)

In this episode we discuss: The scary fact that 60% of digital advertising spend is spent with just two companies, Facebook & Google. How did Google ads evolve and...

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Can you be strategic about word of mouth?

In this episode we discuss: Word of mouth is always seen as important, but why aren’t we more strategic about it? What is a Talk Trigger? What’s the difference...

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Measuring & Leveraging Cognitive Biases for Fun & Profit – The Messy Middle Pt 2

In this episode we discuss: The impact of cognitive biases on purchasing decisions What exactly are category heuristics and why do they matter? Experts vs Acquaintances who do consumers...

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What is the Brandwidth™ Podcast?

Brandwidth is an ongoing conversation between a digital marketer and a brand strategist. A compact podcast discussing marketing today, trying to make sense of the good and the bad, and everything in between.

Who We Are

Dean Millson

Working across both brand design and strategy roles in his home town of Melbourne over the last twenty years, Dean’s been a graphic designer and studio director, and a design lecturer. In 2009 he took up a brand strategy role at Di Marca and they haven’t been able to get rid of him since.

Sam McEwin

Founder & Director of BizWisdom digital agency, Sam spends his days leading a team of dedicated growth marketers, who work tirelessly helping businesses of all sizes achieve incredible growth.