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Brandwidth® Episode 9: Unlocking Your Brand DNA

In this episode we discuss: The three types of Company DNA types. How to discover your brand’s DNA. Surprising truths some brands discover when they unlock their brand DNA....

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Brandwidth® Episode 8: How Not to Refresh a Brand

In this episode we discuss: The dangers associated with re-branding using the example of Harvey World Travel / Hello World. When should you re-brand? Why you should proceed with...

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Brandwidth® Episode 7: Balancing Long Term and Short Term Objectives in Marketing

In this episode we discuss: the dangers of focussing too much on short marketing objectives Are your short term campaigns damaging your brand equity? Can digital marketing be used...

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Brandwidth® Episode 5: Brand Values & Culture

In this episode we discuss: The impact that understanding your brand can have on your organisational culture. Why brand values need to be more than some words on a...

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Brandwidth® Episode 4: What is Customer Service?

In this episode we discuss: The ban of plastic bags from supermarkets Should brands take a role in social issues?
 Net neutrality and censorship  We touch a little on...

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What is the Brandwidth™ Podcast?

Brandwidth is an ongoing conversation between a digital marketer and a brand strategist. A compact podcast discussing marketing today, trying to make sense of the good and the bad, and everything in between.

Who We Are

Dean Millson

Working across both brand design and strategy roles in his home town of Melbourne over the last twenty years, Dean’s been a graphic designer and studio director, and a design lecturer. In 2009 he took up a brand strategy role at Di Marca and they haven’t been able to get rid of him since.

Sam McEwin

Founder & Director of BizWisdom digital agency, Sam spends his days leading a team of dedicated growth marketers, who work tirelessly helping businesses of all sizes achieve incredible growth.