In this episode we discuss:
  • The impact of cognitive biases on purchasing decisions
  • What exactly are category heuristics and why do they matter?
  • Experts vs Acquaintances who do consumers really pay attention to?
  • Why 2 for 1 is better than 50% off, every time
  • Stacking biases and other fun games for marketers
  • Brand preference fragility, another dagger in the heart for poor old brand loyalty theory?
  • Consumers don’t know why they purchase what they purchase and neither do you.
  • Why exactly does Sam need three TVs anyway, and who the hell is Hisense?

Resources Mentioned

Google and the Behavioural Architects – Decoding Decisions: The Messy Middle of Purchase Behaviour –

Matt Johnson, PhD & Prince Ghuman – Insights into the Psychology of Decision-Making from a Split-Brain Mind –


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