In this episode of the Brandwidth podcast, Sam McEwin and Dean Millson discuss the topic of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its potential impact on branding and marketing. They approach the topic with curiosity and explore how AI can be used as a creative partner and a new creative medium. They emphasise the importance of asking the right questions and using AI to generate ideas and insights. They also discuss the potential risks and ethical considerations associated with AI.

Key Takeaways:

  1. AI can be used as a creative partner and a new creative medium in branding and marketing.
  2. Asking the right questions is crucial when using AI to generate ideas and insights.
  3. AI can help with idea generation, creative strategy, and content creation.
  4. AI can provide structure and guidance in following established models and frameworks.
  5. AI can enhance brainstorming sessions and improve the efficiency of the creative process.


  • “Asking better questions leads to better outcomes.” – Julian Cole
  • “Brainstorming is not efficient, but interrogating ideas is.” – Dean Millson
  • “Creativity and the human brain are still essential in the AI era.” – Sam McEwin

0:00:32Introduction to the podcast and topic of AI
0:01:55Discussion on the overwhelming amount of AI content
0:03:23Approaching AI with curiosity and as a creative medium
0:06:52Using AI for content generation and idea generation
0:09:43Julian Cole’s approach to using AI for creative strategy
0:11:20AI as a tool for brainstorming and generating ideas
0:12:47Wrapping up the discussion on AI and its potential uses
0:12:47Discussion about the quality of AI-generated content
0:13:11Examples of how AI-generated prompts can be useful
0:15:07Using AI-generated prompts for brainstorming and copywriting
0:16:18The advantage of completeness in brainstorming with AI
0:19:19The potential for AI-generated prompts to create paradoxes
0:19:44The importance of using good prompts for better AI output
0:21:39Comparing AI-generated music to AI-generated content
0:22:07The role of the individual in interpreting and polishing AI-generated content
0:23:06The potential for AI assistants in various industries
0:24:21The usefulness of AI as a personal coach and for providing structure
0:24:21Using established models to explain and improve understanding
0:25:33AI as a tool to help remember and apply knowledge
0:26:26Training your own AI models for personal use
0:27:18Ethical concerns about sharing sensitive information with AI
0:28:13Ownership and privacy of data used by AI
0:30:09Will AI replace jobs?
0:31:12How agencies should use AI creatively
0:33:14AI replacing low-value services
0:34:39Impact on cheap design services like 99designs
0:35:34AI as a new cheap option for those who don’t value quality
0:36:03Increasing output and value of agencies like ours
0:36:43The importance of having an expert behind AI tools
0:37:23The challenge of going beyond surface-level results
0:38:57The role of designers in the age of AI
0:39:26The need for human expertise in decision-making
0:40:08The possibility of AI replacing Google search
0:40:23Encouraging audience engagement and feedback
0:41:01Promoting the podcast and asking for reviews
0:41:23Closing remarks and farewells

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